"In nature nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”

BioSuRice® is at the essence of our products. Our very own SUPER STAR INGREDIENT is the result of live whole rice seeds (containing all the important nutrients) grown in PERMACULTURE and sprouted in spring water. At this stage, when the sprouts are at their peak vitality, the amazing happens and we  transform the rice into a delicious and balanced plant-based drink to get BioSuRice®.
Interesting fact: BioSuRice® is also the star ingredient of many innovative vegan products like Mozzarisella, a delicious cheese substitute. It is good to eat, it is good for the skin*

- y-Aminobutyric acid (GABA): a muscle relaxant, used as a BOTOX SUBSTITUTE due to its
natural anti-age action.
- Vitamin E: prevents oxidation of the skin.
- Lysine: helps collagen production.
- Niacin: slows cell ageing.
- Folic acid: counteracts the reduction of collagen.

*Although BioSuRice® is used for food products, we recommend you use BIOSURICE® products for your skin care routine only.
THE HEALTHY ZONE is a revolutionary range of 100% NATURAL ORGANIC cosmetics and skin care products which exploit the incredible benefits of sprouted brown rice transformed into an innovative form called BioSuRice®, a protected unique patent in Italy, so you won’t find it in any other product! It stimulates cutaneous structure regeneration and skin cells reparation through an immediate anti- inflammatory action.
The REGENERATING, RESTORATIVE and SOOTHING action of BioSuRice® has been proven by laboratory tests that have shown a composition of 22 amino acids of which 8 are essential. Its topical application allows the skin to obtain a recovery of vitality equal to 554.45% more than the normal cycle of restoration of the connective tissue as well as a significant reduction in the production of inflammation mediators. YOU READ IT RIGHT, 554.45% MORE!