It has taken some time for Andrea and Franco to realise their vision: being able to come up with a brand new, organic, healthy food idea made from the germination of the brown rice sprout, grown in harmony with Mother Nature’s cycles.

They already knew a great deal of the whole properties of brown rice (far superior compared to white rice) when they understood they could harness the nutritional power of the sprouts. That intuition gave life to BioSurice®, the natural essence unique for its organoleptic properties, essential amino acids and full of good stuff! So good they put a patent on it.

Their vision didn’t stop there though. And for that, we’re thankful.

They had an idea. Why not develop and transfer the wholesome characteristics of BioSurice® from the field of natural bio-food products to the world of dermocosmetics? So they went to universities and labs to commission researches to gain a more in-depth knowledge about the potential benefits of BioSurice® on dermal application. Results were astonishing: evidence of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, regeneration of skin tissue to name just a few. The revolution in natural skin care was about to start.

The Healthy Zone is the brand new capsule range of skincare products boosting organic formulas, each and one of them including BioSurice®, the all-natural, functional active ingredient rich in 22 amino acids (8 of them essential) including GABA with its muscle relaxation properties inducing a BOTOX-LIKE effect for all types of skin, of all ages and unisex. To grow the organic rice showing respect to the environment, three years ago, Andrea and Franco decided to be more environmentally sustainable and converted 1000 acres of farmland at the bottom of the Mount Rosa in the Alps from conventional farming techniques to Permaculture. No mechanical intervention on soil, no water wastages, no chemicals involved in the preparation and growth. Crops grow naturally following Mother Nature’s rhythm.

We wouldn’t want our skin care products in any other way.