From nature to humankind via science

The beauty of our products comes from Mother Nature herself: we believe in the proven healthy benefits of germinated brown rice for our skin.

We believe in the scientific innovation which allowed us to extract our main active ingredient BioSuRice® preserving all its effectiveness to offer long lasting results  maintaining a natural and respectful approach towards the environment, thanks to a SUSTAINABLE, ZERO-POLLUTION farming technique. A unique patent in the world of cosmetics.

Be kind to all: we believe in a world where millions of thinking, feeling animals should not be sentenced to a life in a laboratory, intentionally causing them pain, loneliness and fear. We will NEVER test a product on a living creature.

Less is more: we believe in being natural. Our products are authentic in formulation and in their promises; there are no silicones, alcohol, heavy metals, dyes and other useless substances that can damage the skin and cause allergic reactions.

No filter: the beauty of our products is palpable inside and out. Our attention to the environment is also reflected in the design of our packaging, to best preserve the unique characteristics of our cosmetics. We exclusively use materials such as glass and PET, one of the most recyclable plastics, guaranteeing the maximum safety of what is contained that is not contaminated by light, air and substances that can damage its effectiveness.

The Healthy Zone is committed with passion to offer innovative anti age solutions made using natural effective ingredients, protecting HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT and ANIMALS.

Our people and our products' purpose is to make you feel good inside and beautifully happy outside.