mid 30’s are a critical age period for our skin: those are the years whereby our complexion is starting to change. Unfortunately, not for the better. It’s less compact, less toned and the first wrinkles start to make their unwelcome appearance.
Fine lines and dryness remind us the daily impact of environmental factors and genetic ageing. Throw in the mix some high levels of stress caused by our every day life’s challenges (rocky relationships, workplace stressors, financial problems...anyone?) and, all of a sudden, changes to our complexion start to make sense. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to ignore them though!

First don’t panic! Second act fast to maintain our skin healthy, toned and glowing with a specific routine which can be adapted to keep targeting those issues all the way to our 50’s.

Understanding our skin’s needs is paramount, so we can choose the right products with the most effective ingredients for our daily routine.

Advancing years affect how our epidermis looks and how it locks moisture in, hence changing the levels of elasticity and brightness. That’s why every day self-care actions play an extremely important role to protect our skin’s health and beauty in the long run.

As we walk (although it feels more like running) towards our 40’s, the effects of smoking and excess alcohol consumption become “public enemy number one” for our skin. Let’s not forget the usual suspects pollution and weather elements to have a complete picture of harmful factors keen to put at risk our beloved skin. The idea here is to choose the best face cream to meet your needs at 35yo, combining a deep moisturising action with an effective anti age response.

The ideal pairing is anti age cream anti age cream + Serum. These two products combined act like a natural filler, improving the deeper layers of our skin. The anti age serum (always to be applied before the cream) gives a boost of hydration and nourishment which is exactly what the doctor ordered for our skin at this particular age.

Removing makeup is not important. It’s essential.

One of the main causes of premature skin ageing is, I am afraid, makeup. Well, to be precise, NOT removing makeup is.

Failing to completely remove all traces of makeup causes clogging up of our pores overnight which can lead to skin damage (including spots and breakouts), fine lines and even epidermal thickening. In our quest to fight ageing signs, properly washing our face is definitely an important step.

Makeup removal wipes are very handy indeed, but should only be used in case of “emergency”. Vegetal butters, essential oils or organic cleanser gels work better for us as they nourish the skin as they cleanse it from impurities. For a deeper action we can double cleanse, the first step of the nowadays very famous Korean skincare routine.

Between 40 and 50. How does my skincare routine change?

Life is all about adapting to changes, right? Skincare is no different. Arrived at the 40’s mark beauty routines must be adapted too. Face creams become richer and more nutrient, active serums can be integrated with vitamins and minerals which can improve how our skin looks and feels, and are actually beneficial for the health of our organism.

Past 40 years old our skin (except very few, very lucky cases) is undoubtedly showing the signs of time passing by. Our skincare routine’s importance becomes paramount to slowdown ageing and the formation of wrinkles. Anti age formulas contain nutrient ingredients like Retinol and Collagen, as well as Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, great allies of our skin.

Skincare at 50, give your skin the tlc it deserves

At 50 expression lines and wrinkles are pretty much unavoidable. This doesn’t mean lowering our guard to protect our skin though, which must be loved and cared for to keep it as healthy and nourished as possible.

Beauty routine at 50yo must follow precise steps divided between morning and evening. During the day for example a SPF is necessary, whereas at night we want to focus on nourishing serums, face masks and “ad hoc” treatments to combat skin thickening, skin blemishes and saggy tissues.

Positive Ageing is a trend followed by many people, including celebrities embracing the fact that looking younger isn’t actually a realistic goal. So let’s stop covering those expression wrinkles with tonnes of makeup and make sure we feed our skin and our souls the right products so we can achieve a much bigger goal: being healthy and feeling happy in our own skin!

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